Builders for 3.18 release is up and running

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The builders for alpine 3.18 are up and running and main repository is
built on all architectures.

This means that we are effectively in a feature freeze for 3.18. Please
be careful on what you push to edge until 3.18.0 is out. Specially for
things that affects the builds, like gcc, make, autotools, cmake etc.

I would also appreciate if we all could try fix as many bugs as
possible and work on getting the 3.18.0 release out. Please see
https://gitlab.alpinelinux.org/alpine/aports/-/issues for the list of
issues. Please set the milestone to 3.18.0 for isses you think needs to
be fixed before 3.18.0

We also need to start work on what to mention in the release notes. If
you have something you think is worth mentioning in the release notes
for the 3.18 release, then please add that to the wiki page:


The state of the 3.18 builds is as usual found on

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