Help from package maintainers needed for the python 3.12 upgrade

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I am working on upgrading python to 3.12 and rebuilding all the
relevant packages.

I have currently done approx 520 packages, and still have 1180+ in only
community. testing comes in addition. There is no chance that I will be
able to finish this in time for the upcoming Alpine 3.20 release. I
need to start set up the 3.20 builders in a week.

So I need help from the package maintainers to pull this off.

How can package maintainers help?

Many of the issues appear to come from the pytest 8 upgrade, which we
already have in our git master. So you can simply test that your
packages builds with the current git master.

For example, to build all packages that is maintained by Natanael and
uses pytest:

  for i in $(grep -l Natanael */APKBUILD  | xargs grep pytest | cut -d/ -f1); do (cd $i && abuild -rk) || break; done

If something does not build, please help fix it. You can try:
- Look if there is a new version of the package that may fix it
- Look if there is a commit upstream that fixes it
- Report the issue upstream and work with upstream for a solution

Those things is what is consuming most of my time with this python 3.12
upgrade, so if every package maintainer helps with this, we may get
python 3.12 in time before I start up the 3.20 builders in a week or
two. Together can we do it!

I will prioritize merge requests fixing python issues for the next
couple of weeks.

Thank you!


PS. I have a work in progress WIP branch:

And there is a temp repository where I rsync the built packages:
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