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[alpine-devel] quagga shorewall + kernel problems

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Hello again,

On alpine 2.6.4 I've build shorewall 2.5.20 ( latest stable )
That would run along quagga zebra daemons

But I discovered a problem that I suspect originates in the kernel of 2.6.4

providers file is
ISP1    1    0x100    -        vlan10 track,loose     -
ISP2    2    0x200    -        vlan11 track,loose     -

in shorewall.conf


On the same host zebra is running and I've just inserted some default 
static routes like

ip route

After shorewall is started *and* zebra is restarted
zebra cannot inject static routes into the kernel anymore ..
vtysh -c "show ip route" shows

S [1/0] via inactive

and linux ip route command does not show the route at all ..

To investigate further
I used alpine 2.5.4, shorewall 2.5.20 and compiled quagga on it from the 
2.6.4 aports

The problem seems to be gone.

Any clues ??

Thanx Harry.