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[alpine-devel] Announcement: Non-technical member status

William Pitcock
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As is already known, the core team holds final responsibility for all
decisions made on behalf of the project.  This includes defining what
a Developer actually is.  The core team has not at this time delegated
that responsibility.  Therefore, this email serves to document a
modification to what is meant by Developer status, as well as creating
a track for non-technical contributors to earn Developer status (as a
non-technical member).

Member status

A Member is any participant in the project who has been granted full
rights to the project.  These rights include:

* the ability to nominate others for membership rights in the project
* the ability to nominate others for expulsion from the project (as a
last resort)
* the ability to bring proposals up for a vote by the whole project
* the ability to vote on proposals
* an email account

A contributor may become a Member by either a technical track in which
case they become a Developer or Sysadmin, or a non-technical track in
which case they are just a Member.

A Maintainer is not a Member of the project unless they gain Developer
status or are separately nominated under the non-technical Member

Developer status

Developer status remains largely unchanged, except that the rights
exclusive to Developers and Sysadmins now belong to any Member.  In
other words, a Developer is now a Member who has full push rights and
nothing else.

Sysadmin status

Sysadmin status remains largely unchanged, except that they are now
just a Member who has special access to Alpine systems.

Non-technical contributor track

A non-technical contributor may be nominated for Member status by any
other Member.  As part of their nomination, they should highlight
notable contributions made by the nominee.

A nomination will have a period of a week, starting from the moment a
core team member acknowledges the nomination.  At this point,
admission is decided using lazy consensus: if 2 or more core team
members approve of the nomination and there are no objections, the
nomination will be accepted.  Otherwise the core team will discuss and
come to a conclusion after the deadline is hit.

If the nomination is accepted, then the infrastructure team will be
directed to create the account, collecting an SSH key and any other
pertinent data they need to process the account creation request.

A non-technical Member may apply for Maintainer or Developer
privileges later, but they will have to complete the full technical
track before getting Developer privileges.