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William Pitcock
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Earlier we had somebody ask if the Alpine logo is under Creative
Commons license.  Obviously it's not, but that inquiry should be seen
as a symptom, not the problem itself.  The actual problem is that our
logo usage guidelines aren't actually documented anywhere.

We should probably put a page on the website documenting them.

To that end, I propose the following text to cover the logo guidelines:


Alpine logo usage guidelines
Version: %version%, %date%

The Alpine Linux project is committed to protecting its logo and other
design elements, as such, usage of the Alpine Linux logo and/or other
design elements is restricted to specific uses.

The objectives of this policy are to:

* encourage widespread use and adoption of the Alpine logo and other
design elements;
* clarify proper usage of the Alpine logo and other design elements by
third parties;
* prevent misuse of the Alpine logo and other design elements with
respect to Alpine and its affiliates.

The Alpine logo, name and other design elements may be used without
asking permission in these cases:

* making factual statements about Alpine;
* communicating software compatibility with Alpine in a way that is
not misleading;
* advertising products and services related to Alpine in a way that is
not misleading;
* discussing Alpine in articles and blog posts.

Usage of the Alpine logo, name and other design elements is expressly
forbidden in these cases:

* implying an affiliation or endorsement of the Alpine community when
none exists;
* usage as part of a domain, product or business name;
* usage intended to be deceptively similar to normal usage by the
Alpine community.

Using the Alpine logo, name, and other design elements:

* any scaling of the logo or other design elements must retain the
correct aspect ratio;
* the highest appropriate DPI rendering should be used;
* when including the Alpine logo amongst those of competing products,
the Alpine logo must be the same DPI as the competitors[1];
* attribution is required when reproducing the Alpine logo in print
and web material: "The Alpine logo is included by permission of the
Alpine Linux Project."

Questions concerning usage of the Alpine logo and other design
elements can be directed to [TODO].



[1]: For example,
would be an unacceptable use of the Alpine logo, as it is rendered at
lower DPI than the Ubuntu and Docker logos.

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