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Hi Alpine Developers,

In recent months we have been migrating most of Alpine Linux repositories to
GitLab. This means that git.a.o has been converted to a mirror instead of our
origin. Except our regular Alpine Linux repositories it was also hosting some
different projects ie ACF, Hosted and User.

To prevent confusion and maintaining two different platforms
(GitLab and Gitolite) we would like to ask our developers to move their
repositories to GitLab. We have already created a new cgit interface which will
only hold our basic Alpine Linux repository as shown in the root of

We have moved our old repositories to https://git-old.alpinelinux.org/ so
developers have the opportunity to move their repositories to a new GitLab
location. Please keep in mind that if your repository needs to be public you
will need to ask infra team to make it public for you.

In case your repository/project needs a dedicated group please let us know.

For more information you can check and comment on our GitLab infra issue at

Alpine infra team.
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