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[alpine-devel] How to offer different configurations of DHCP

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I'm looking for some guidance on how best to define an APKBUILD file for an
already-supported package that I need modified.

Recent versions of ISC DHCP (package 'dhcp') support an LDAP-based
back-end, though it's disabled by default. Enablement requires adding a
pair of dependencies and two additional arguments to the configure script;
everything else remains unchanged. Easy enough.

If I were to offer my changes back to the community, how should this flavor
of the package be named? It seems less than ideal to have two very similar
packages in the tree; is there a convenient restructuring within the
APKBUILD file that would allow the two forms (with and without LDAP
support)? If not, so much within the build system seems to depend on
pkgname -- of which a 'dhcp' is defined. I'm not sure how best to proceed
in this case. I'm also not fully convinced that changing the existing
package is the right thing to do; I suspect there are folks who don't want
LDAP support.

If there are examples among existing packages I could use as templates I'm
happy to replicate.