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[alpine-devel] libvirt vm does not register itself in /sys/fs/cgroup/<resource>/machine/....

Valery Kartel
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I made a fresh installed 3.2.3 x86_64 grsec alpinelinux host for libvirt
qemu vm's. When I start a vm, it must register itself in control groups but
it doesn't. When vm is shutted down, libvirt reports an error to its log:
virCgroupFree:4275 : Control groups not supported on this platform: No such
device or address.
I upgrade this host to the edge but the problem remained.

I think now it's not a problem when 1-2 qemu vm-s are running, but when
20-30 lxc- or dockerized-vm are comes it's would be a really problem
because cgroups are used to control of shared resources.

BTW: on my laptop (ubuntu) libvirt register in cgroups any started vm. On
my old gentoo-server with about 600 days uptime libvirt does it too.

Don't know why on alpinelinux it does not...

Mor about libvirt cgroups: