[alpine-devel] Install action scripts for subpackages

Martin Rusko
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While packaging https://github.com/arkanis/minidyndns, I thought it
will be good idea to stop the service before removal. That is to use
.pre-deinstall script for that. However, such script should be
included in the subpackage called minidyndns-openrc and not in the
main package for it to work properly.

As far as I was able to understand the code in /usr/bin/abuild, it
should be sufficient to include the script
minidyndns-openrc.pre-deinstall in the *install* variable and it
should be placed correctly in the minidyndns-openrc subpackage. I
tried it and it worked.

Is that the supported way of dealing with it? If yes, could I update
https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/APKBUILD_Reference with the
following text?

: Also scripts for subpackages can be listed here, e.g. with
''pkgname'' set to '''mypackage''' and ''install'' containing
'''$pkgname-openrc.pre-deinstall''', the script
'''mypackage-openrc.pre-deinstall''' will be included in the
subpackage '''$pkgname-openrc''' instead of the main package.

Thanks and Regards,

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