Re: logrotation best practice

Faustin Lammler <faustin@fala.red>
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Hi Francesco!

Francesco <francesco.colista@gmail.com>,
08/01/2024 – 19:14:47 (+0100):

> Hello!
> Zabbix agent is not shipped with any official logrotate config files,
> so debian create it by themselves.

Oh, I didn't even checked that upstream provided it in the first place.

> Would be nice if the debian maintainer of zabbix agent will send it
> upstream, so that zabbix devs can include that in the official
> package.

Il give it a try, let's see if they accept it.

> The logrotation is not configured by default, but you can simply and
> easy install logrotate with "apk add logrotate".
> Then, you go into /etc/logrotate.d and copy the zabbix agent logrotate
> file shipped by Debian.

Yep that's exactly my plans.

You probably missed to cc. the list BTW.


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Re: logrotation best practice

Steffen Nurpmeso <steffen@sdaoden.eu>
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btw i have

  # /etc/syslog.conf

  *.emerg                 *
  kern.*                  /var/log/kernel ;rotate=200k:5
  authpriv,auth.info      /var/log/auth   ;rotate=200k:3
  mail.info               /var/log/mail   ;rotate=200k:5
  cron.info               /var/log/cron   ;rotate=200k:3
  *.info;kern,authpriv,auth,mail,cron.none /var/log/messages ;rotate=200k:5
  *.=debug;kern.none      /var/log/debug  ;rotate=200k:3

  include /etc/syslog.d/*.conf

  notify /root/bin/syslog-notify.sh

on my laptop with troglobit's great sysklogd, and

  SYSLOGD_OPTS="-D -S -t -b 5"

in the /etc/conf.d/syslog of AlpineLinux.

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