Re: [alpine-devel] progress on new website design

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This looks freaking awesome! 

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From: Natanael Copa <> 
Date:20/09/2014  14:45  (GMT+00:00) 
Subject: [alpine-devel] progress on new website design 


I have made some progress with new website design. I have got some
really good ideas and tips from Tobias, the guy who did the new logo.

The work can be found here:

Things to note:
- it loads fast
- its static - no php, memcached, mysql, nosql or other smart solutions
  for a problem that shouldnt be there in the first place.
- it only downloads 3 smallish files, html + 2 css
- no graphics. gradients etc is done in css, icons and logo are fonts
- it is generated with 'make' so only changed things are re-generated

The idea is to get notifications on git push and new releases etc, and
update and upload the page from script.

Release notes etc are supposed to be written in markdown (or
commonmark) and pushed to git which will trigger site rebuild.

We might add support for comments via 3rd part like Disqus.

Help to improve it is welcome. We need for example make it behave
properly when window is resized and i think it migh need some debugging
for chrome browser.

Would also be very nice if someone could help porting themes for
cgit, mediawiki and redmine so all sites looks similar.

Code is here: