Alpine 3.15.0 Installer is Broken...

Ladar Levison <ladar@lavabit.com>
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Keep calm and carry on. The issue only appears to break automated
installs. Specifically, the setup-alpine install script isn't loading,
or using answer files. I actually think the bug isn't with the installer
but with the shell. When I ran the script using sh -x I noticed it was
sourcing the file, but the variables were still empty.

As a short term workaround, I placed an export in front of each variable
in my answer file, and was able to get it working again with the command
"source generic.alpine314.vagrant.cfg ; sh /sbin/setup-alpine -f
/root/generic.alpine315.vagrant.cfg" ... I don't know if the sh in front
setup-alpine, or the fully qualified paths are necessary. I added them
during troubleshooting, and haven't checked to see if it still works
once they're removed.

Like I said, I think the issue has to do with the shell environment.

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