[Ceal #3490] Running out of space on pip install

Craig Kaiser
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  Hello all,

  I am looking for some advice on what I assume is a very easy task, but I
  am continually going around in circles trying to figure this out.

  I have a 16Gb SD card and a Mac and am looking to install Alpine Linux for
  my RPI3.

  I erase the SD card using the Mac Diskutil and select "MS-DOS (FAT)" as
  the new format. Then I copy the content of the aarch64 Alpine download zip
  file onto the SD card.

  I then put the SD back into the Pi and boot into Alpine Linux. The issue I
  run into is when I try to install a large python package (Kivy), pip quits
  due to no more space on the device.

  I have tried pointing the TMPDIR to '/media/mmcblk0p1' (~15Gb of space)     
  and using the "--no-cache" flags with pip when installing but I still run
  into the issue.

  In the past on other OSs, I have been able to expand my file system by
  running `fdisk -u /media/mmcblk0p1` and creating a new primary partition
  but I am not able to "access" all 16Gb of my SD card.

  This is where I am a little nieve and don't know enough about partitions
  to figure out how to give my device more space for the install.

  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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