Re: Booting from usb. Cannot unmount through 'umount' command, resource busy.

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Hi Admin!

When you were writing this, did you consider the possibility of adding an alias and deprecating addresses with ~ and /? It seems stubborn to cling unto an rfc considering their informal nature.
Please consider that it wasn't my software that had trouble parsing the addresses, it was my brain, I ignored the part before the / assuming it was a comment like the <> notation.

Regards, Tomás.

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Hi Tomas! 
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them, you can use: 
If your mail system does not support our normal posting addresses, we 
would appreciate it if you wrote to your mail admin to ask them to fix 
their system. Our posting addresses are valid per RFC-5322. 
If you have any questions, please reply to this email to reach the mail 
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