Re: Alpine aport py3-tinycss2 has been flagged out of date

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On Sat Dec 18, 2021 at 3:03 AM CET, Alpine Package DB wrote:
> Dear
> This is an automatic message send from pkgs.alpinelinux.org
> You are receiving this message because you are the maintainer of aport:
> py3-tinycss2
> abump py3-tinycss2-1.1.1
> The following message is send by: Alpine Package DB
> <pkgs@alpinelinux.org>
> This package has been flagged automatically based on notification from
> Anitya <https://release-monitoring.org/>.
> If the provided information is incorrect, please let us know on IRC
> or alpine-infra@alpinelinux.org. Thanks!

Seems to be up to date so far as I can tell.
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