curent wiki improvements need some changes

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i can see that most of the wiki articles are very out of date and very vage!

ok we are xpeerts and once configure things never look back as some
one said one time..

but that's are not an excuse to not make a great work!

my question: targeted at
i now registerd at the wiki and then how at wicht level can i made
parallel wiki pages.. to then can analize and maybe later
merge/sustitute for? due by example the "tutorial and how tos" page
seems just an amount of link ordened

personally the glosary are very poor definitios of a easy to see word!
must be more a introductory page that help to newbies if that are the
objetive for!

second question: why wikimedia and not dokuwiki with
https://www.dokuwiki.org/plugin:markdowku plugin?  i propose that!
easy adn faster! and also portable to other that wants locally if we
put all the data content in a git sync

HINT: the capcha it's a language barrier.. digits are count from left
to right and must be right to left based on value position!

Lenz McKAY Gerardo (PICCORO)