Cannot start sway after update

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After an update to current version (alpine 3.20.0_alpha20231219), I can
no longer start sway with `dbus-run-session -- sway` (or just `sway`) as
I could before. It output errors:

[wlr] [render/gles/renderer.c:685] Failed to create GLES2 renderer
[wlr] [render/wlr_renderer.c:333] Could not initialize renderer
[sway/server.c:79] Failed to create renderer

Can someone help?

Trying to downgrade all packages to the latest stable release 3.19.0
doesn't solve that (removing testing from /etc/apk/repositories and run
`apk update; apk upgrade -a`).  I suppose they're basically the same,
given that 3.19.0 was just released last December.  Last update was from
last April, if I remember correctly, so I might try to pinpoint where it

Some info that might be relevant:

- kernel: 6.6.8-lts
- sway: 1.8.1-r6
- GPU: Intel RocketLake-S GT1 (UHD Graphics 730)

I am not sure which info might be relevant, so please tell me if more=20
is needed and how to get it.
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Thanks to some suggestion to check for orphaned packages, I have figured
out the issue:

I have some dangling orphaned drivers (mesa-dri-intel, ...) that pin
other mesa libraries to old version.  Removing these packages and
upgrade again solved the problem.
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