Single physical disk data mode

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I’d like to set up a system with the following disk layout:

	/dev/sda1 - boot disk, mounted on / as read-only
	/dev/sda2 - data disk, mounted on /var as read-write

	No swap (the system has lots of RAM and I need as much disk space as possible). 

	lbu  stored inside /var
	Apk cache stored inside /var

I’ve fiddled with multiple combinations of pre-partitioning, using setup-bootable, setup-disk, dd’ing the install image over /dev/sda1, to no avail. I’ve pored over the wiki pages which are confusing to say the least. 

I’m pretty comfortable with Linux sysadmin in general, but I don’t understand some of the ways that Alpine handles data mode and the like. 

Can anyone give me any pointers, or does anyone have a link to a page that gives more info? 


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