tty freezes if I run X, exit and run X again

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I'm giving it a try for Alpine Linux as my main desktop Linux 
distribution. Ok, some say Alpine is not for that, but why would we have 
KDE in the repositories? :-)

So, I have a, not terrible, but annoying problem. I can run Xorg fine 
with my favourite window manager. But if I exit X (or kill it) and try to 
run it again, I totally lost control over the current terminal (tty), 
nothing show up in the screen (only X output to the terminal) and 
keyboard doesn't work.

It doesn't freeze the machine, as I can still ssh into it and reboot it 
(but if I try to kill X, I get a zombie process).

I tried to use strace (command: strace -o /tmp/strace.log X) in the 
second time. Last output lines are:

     ioctl(11, DRM_IOCTL_MODE_DESTROYPROPBLOB, 0x7ffc022f81b4) = 0
     ioctl(13, DRM_IOCTL_NOUVEAU_GEM_NEW, 0x7ffc022f9f30) = 0
     ioctl(13, DRM_IOCTL_NOUVEAU_GEM_PUSHBUF, 0x7ffc022f9ff0) = 0

It seems it trimmed the file, so I'm not sure if querying for nouveau is 
a thing. Also, I'm using the modesetting driver, although I have a Nvidia 
(RTX 3060) card.

Have you ever seen that? Any suggestions?

Thank you very much and thanks for this amazing operation system.
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