[alpine-devel] heads up: new format for install script

Natanael Copa
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last version of apk tools adds support for splitted installscripts, just
like in the old 1.7.x days.

We will use a separete script for each event. If you want something to
happen before install you create a file named $pkgname.pre-install and
if you want something to happen after you call it $pkgname.post-install.
then you add all the scripts into the install variable:

install="$pkgname.pre-install $pkgname.post-install"

I have also fixed abuild so the installscript does not get included in
-dev and -doc packages as it does right now.

I will start adjust the aports now so you might need upgrade to latest
apk-tools and abuild it you want compile those after I commit them.



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