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[alpine-devel] naming lua packages

Natanael Copa
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Been thinking abit on the lua package modules naming. We have all perl
modules prefixed with perl- (for example perl-xml-simple) and all php
modules prefixed with php- (for example php-mysql).

So I was wondering if we maybe should rename all lua packages to be
prefixed with lua-. that is instead of luasocket we call it lua-socket,
instead of json4lua we call it lua-json. Instead of 'md5' we call it

This makes it easy to search for lua modules:

apk search lua-*

Will let you find things like lua-processcall and lua-bitlib. It is not
that obvious that 'bitlib' is a lua library.

drawback is that names does not correspond with upstream names.

I suppose we will still keep an empty meta package with old name for

we let things be as they are or we change naming standard for lua
packages? opinions?