[alpine-devel] New edge snapshot, 110827

Natanael Copa
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I have pushed a new edge snapshot with various bigger changes that
are planned for Alpine Linux 2.3. Please note that the edge snapshot
got approx 7MB smaller, even if it contains more features :)

* Linux 3.0
New kernel. xen dom0 support is probably the biggest news here.

* Firmware included in modloop
You no longer need apk add linux-firmware if you use a "live" boot. The
firmware files are included in the module loopback image (the modloop).

* modloop as squashfs
During all the years we have used cramfs for the modloop image. Back at
that time I picked cramfs over squashfs only because the cramfs kernel
module was smaller. At that time I wanted be able to boot the system
from floppies so that made a difference back then. We haven't supported
boot from floppy for many years now so it makes much more sense to have
a better compressed modloop. squashfs with xz compression does this for

* busybox-1.19
New busybox release. Some of the more interesting things are:
 - support for syslog.conf which I believe gives use the possibility to
   split logfiles into mail.log, auth.log etc.
 - Adds ctrl-r (history search) in shell (yay!)
 - new applets 'users' and 'groups'



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