[alpine-devel] multiple issues in current edge

Natanael Copa
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just a headsup, edge is broken in multiple ways and I'm working as
fast I can as fix it.

1. linux-grsec- kernel fails to boot. Please don't reboot
until you have atleast

2. I pulled in libpng-1.4 that broke pretty much of the xfce/xorg
stuff. To be exact:
abiword cairo claws-mail exo feh gd gst-plugins-base gtk+ gtk-vnc
imagemagick imlib2 libnotify librsvg libwnck libxfcegui4 pango parole
php poppler rrdtool slim thunar vte webkit wv xfce4-panel
xfce4-session xfprint zsnes

I have rebuilt most of those against 1.4 but there are still a few thats left.

3. zlib- causes libxml2 to segfault sometimes. (specifically,
when installing libglade) I'm reverting to zlib- til that is
sorted out. (this was discovered while trying to solve #2). You'll
need to do 'apk upgrade -a' to downgrade your zlib.

Sorry about this.

Natanael Copa

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