Behaviour status of alpine linux, also desktops questions

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Noted some month ago the movement of the xfce4 desktop oficial package
to a community driven way of..

Also new releases has obvious all main packages upgraded and perfectly
coordinated! not the same for desktops flavours..

We are aware that systemd integration is one of the causes of the
extra work..  it's not a secret ok!

To all this my two questions:

1. Why not make TDE a main desktop in alpine (and work hand to hand
with trinity desktop manpowers, vurrently the muslc suport are
2. taking into account the overwhelming panorama and the recent facts
of "mycrosoft infection" what is the official approach/target that
alpine will take? (note that it is 99% used in containers and docker
images, not as main OS in conputers or mainframes/servers)

About the "2", lest take in consideration that in dockers we dont need
some scripts or boot process sctips, also please dont answer me with
"i used at my 2G ram bare metal as server", i'm talking about deploys,
alpine also need money of course and current economic situation of the
world will change in next days!


We are aware that systemd integration is one of the causes of the
extra work, almost all desktops are too integrated to this... and
therefore packing "just as it comes" is more of an odyssey than a
job... this is very obvious... and I think it is also one of the
reasons why it does not have a main focus on alpine te desktop
packages from main team! (but of cour we have a community yet)

Be aware that the economy will affect software projects that receive
sponsorship, due to the events in this quarantine, or at least that
sponsorship will be reduced in many projects.

And finally keep in mind that much of the software is now at least a
big part made by third party ones! and the muscl support is reduced,
hence this desktop proposal as TDE is supporting muslc and the
developer who is doing this needs help! I mean TAKE POINT that a
official efforts between both project will gain literal Moral growth
up of the both sides!

Lenz McKAY Gerardo (PICCORO)
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