Re: Audio not working

Ernest Noga a month ago

Audio not working

Ernest Noga 2 months ago 3 2

select version of postgres client to use

Jan Kohnert 2 months ago 2 2

json-c bind build symbol not found on prod system

relay 1918 2 months ago

OS hardening

Vishal 2 months ago

Nheko missing GST plugin qmlgl on Alpine Edge

McSinyx 2 months ago

Can't run LXD VMs

2 months ago

[edge] curl update?

Steffen Nurpmeso 2 months ago 4 3

3.18.3 standard OK on Steam Deck, but not extended

2 months ago 1

Single physical disk data mode

Paul Suh 2 months ago


Jon Fineman 2 months ago

Alpine Linux (3.18.3) w/ Lxqt on Virtualbox

Banibrata Dutta 2 months ago 2 2

Setting up SSH server inside docker

Valentin Tunev 2 months ago 1

alpine linux and Lichee pi zero

Gaston Melo 3 months ago 1

Help installing in data mode

siiky 3 months ago 2 2

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