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Re: [alpine-devel] Code of Conduct

From: Shiz <>
Date: Fri, 12 May 2017 02:21:11 +0200

Hi Theo,

First, thanks for doing this — I believe that adopting a CoC will help us
provide handles to those in the community who see or are subject to abusive
behaviour to address them in a safe and productive manner.

There’s two (not too fundamental) issues I see with your current proposal:

1) The wording of clause 3. While I understand what you’re trying to say,
   the way it is being said seems far from neutral (and possibly wrong, as
   I’m sure under a lot of circumstances I would be considered a “social
   justice warrior”, as well many people that would want to contribute to
   Alpine), needlessly scaring people off in this especially charged
   political climate. I believe this section could be reworded in a far
   more neutral manner while still preserving its intention, maybe like this:

   “This document is to be used as stated in clause 1 for the health of the
    community, not as a beating stick for other people. Please assume the
    best intentions of people to a reasonable degree, and try to talk out
    differences first — sometimes people simply misunderstand each other.”

   I see William also proposed another variant on IRC that I may like even

   "Participants may disagree on the methods or opinions of others, but it
    is important to maintain the assumption of good faith. Alpine is a diverse
    project representing many viewpoints, and as such, disagreements are likely
    to occur. It should be assumed that all participants are working for the
    advancement of the project.”

   Where I’d possibly append “ and community” to the last sentence.
2) Clause 4 currently lacks examples of appropriate actions that can be taken
   by the community. I think it’s important to at least note the scope of these
   actions, so people realise that it is serious and can lead to more than
   simply a slap on the wrist. Maybe adding an additional clause with something
   like the following text may help elaborate on that:

   “Appropriate measures depend on the nature and severity of the case in
    question and may range from, but are not limited to, official warnings to
    temporary or permanent exclusion from community communication channels and
    removal of developer status or other conferred privileges.”

And a few mostly random, smaller thoughts:
* Maybe clause 2 should be expanded a bit to not just include direct personal
  attacks but also situations like harassment, stalking, and doxxing;
* I’d change the “and” in clause 6 to and or, as harassment behaviour within the
  Alpine community may not directly pertain to Alpine-related software. In my
  opinion it should relate to both the community and the software that arises
  from it.
* Clause 5 nicely defines Alpine developers, but we have no such definition yet
  for Alpine community moderators. Maybe adding a simple one would be helpful
  for people to identify who to address complaints to?

Again, thanks for doing this, and I hope we can have an inclusive but concise
CoC at the end. :)

- Shiz

> On 12 May 2017, at 00:49, 7heo <> wrote:
> Hey people,
> a few of us have been discussing every now and then the possibility of ever needing a CoC.
> Following an exchange of opinions with some of the long-time Alpine developers today, I decided to come up with a CoC asap, for two reasons:
> 1. Abuses in the community would have an objective ground to be fought on.
> 2. Nobody could then come claiming we do not have a CoC and present us with a much more harmful and complex alternative (as it has been the case in many open source projects already)
> Here goes my proposal (followed by explanations for each point), loosely based on the proposals from the PostgreSQL mailing list:
> Alpine (AKA Alpine-Linux and Alpine-OS) Code of Conduct (CoC)
> =============================================================
> 1. This CoC is to provide community guidelines for creating and enforcing a safe, respectful, productive, and collaborative place for any person who is willing to contribute in a safe, respectful, productive and collaborative way.
> 2. A safe, respectful, productive and collaborative environment is free of personal attacks and disparaging remarks of any kind, including, but not limited to, racial, ethnic, gender-related, religious, political, sexual-orientation related slur.
> 3. This CoC is not about being offended, nor giving weapons to so called social justice warriors. One should always assume good intentions. As with any diverse community, anyone would otherwise eventually get offended at something.
> 4. Any sustained disruption of the collaborative space (mailing lists, IRC etc.) or other Alpine events shall be construed as a violation of this CoC and appropriate action will be taken by the Alpine community moderators.
> 5. Any amendment made to this CoC should be approved by all Alpine developers (i.e. all people who have commit rights on the repositories).
> 6. The CoC is only about interaction with the Alpine community. Your private and public lives outside of the Alpine community are your own. Any issue arising outside of the Alpine community and not directly technically related with the Alpine maintained software shall neither be discussed nor arbitrated within the community.
> ----
> Explanations:
> 1. Alpine is about contribution first, community second. The community only exists for the sole purpose of contributing together to Alpine. Not the other way around.
> 2. Such an contribution-welcoming environment can only happen when people leave their personal different at the door. Toxic behavior (like personal attacks) have no place in our community. i.e.: "Your work sucks" is fine while "you suck" isn't.
> 3. The FOSS community has recently seen a drastic increase of lobbying for exclusion, and censoring attempts, against some contributors, from certain groups. Offensive and toxic behavior within the community will be dealt with according to point two. Offensive and toxic behavior outside of it will be ignored according to point six.
> 4. As explained in point one, the main and foremost goal of our community is to support contribution. Anything threatening or impeding contribution is therefore directly harming the primary goal of our mailing lists and IRC channels; and has to be prevented.
> 5. Again, as explained in point one, the goal of the community is contribution. This CoC, discussing it, and all the work related to it are wasted time in regards to the technical progress. This requirement is meant as a discussion deterrent, as it will be pointless to discuss any proposal to the CoC as soon as one developer disagrees.
> 6. We do not care if you torture kittens or beat up puppies outside of our community. As long as you are keeping things separated, we will.
> ----
> I hope I made it well enough that we do not have to spend too much time discussing it.
> Theo.
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