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Re: [alpine-devel] Code of Conduct

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Fri, 12 May 2017 11:50:48 +0000

>The human rights were written, to the top of my knowledge, by white men

  Yeah, well, there was no Internet at the time, so it wasn't easy to
communicate with people outside of your main circle. Apples and oranges.

>It's not because we have predominant common factors that we will be
>unable to comprehend or perceive challenges that others undure.

  It is exactly because we are not exposed to challenges that we may fail
to perceive them. I have experienced this first-hand. Pretending to be
able to foresee everything is just hubris; if we are going to have a CoC
ready for when the community has grown and needs one, I'd rather have it
done right.

>We are all Humans, and the paragraph two is meant as a catch-all for
>abuses towards Humans (if I remember correctly, awilfox was supporting
>it, saying something along the lines of "no personal attacks, and
>you're good"), no matter their individual characteristics.

  Sure, and that's fine with me, too. But is there any harm in running it
people who may have a different perspective, just to be sure?

>Making it more explicit, and detailing each case is a role a refuse to
>take, as it will exponentially increase the pain of discussing and
>redacting the CoC;

  That's not what I suggested.
  I know you thought people would make that suggestion and so you felt
compelled to address it, but as it turns out, I didn't. Please react to
what I wrote, not to what you think I would write. And for the record,
I agree with you on that point.

> In short I'm not against asking around, but please be careful who you
>ask: if this becomes the kind of long and complicated debate attracting
>mobs of lobbyists from any side

  That is *also* not what I wrote. As a matter of fact, since it's
that really does endanger open source projects and often flies under the
radar, I am in favor of adding a mention to paragraph 4 that would say
something like: excessive lobbying or engaging the Alpine community on
non-technical matters *is* a disruption of the collaborative space and a
violation of the CoC. (In other words: make it clear that
politics, drama or any other kind of noise => out.)

>Let's make our CoC as we like our software. Simple, reliable, and

  Yes. And to me, reliability includes checks from people with more
experience than we have in these matters.

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