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Re: [alpine-devel] v3.3 feature freeze

From: Natanael Copa <>
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2015 10:12:27 +0100

On Fri, 23 Oct 2015 03:04:36 +0530
"V.Krishn" <> wrote:

> > Hi,
> >
> > We now need to stop working on new features for the v3.3 release and
> > concentrate on wrapping things up for v3.3 release. Testing and fixing
> > bugs.
> >
> > A few questions:
> >
> > Can we make the 'lua' package be lua5.3? I think everything that needs
> > 5.1 should have depends on 'lua5.1' instead of 'lua'.
> >
> > Can anyone help with upgrading llvm-3.7 and clang?
> >
> > Can anyone help with upgrade xen to 4.6?
> >
> > I'd like to move as much ruby stuff as possible to community, can
> > someone help with that?
> >
> > Are there anything else that needs cleanup for v3.3?
> Any thoughts on:
> 1. All desktops except one that we want to keep as default and ready to jump
> on it to fix when update available or broken.

You mean move to community?

I'm all for moving as much as possible to community.

The question was more general, what more cleanup, more than just move
stuff to community, are *needed* before v3.3. Eg the critical stuff,
the things we can not forget.

> 2. Web application like drupal, phpmyadmin, owncloud i.e pkgs that does not
> require compiling and are sometimes more easier to install by downloading the
> orig tar and just uncompressing in web-folders.

What about those packages?

> More pkgs can be picked based on definition and difference
> in community and main (please expand)
> 1. main requires 2yrs maintenance skill commitment.
> 2. main has higher priority when comes to pushing update/broken pkgs in next
> releases , right ?

Something like that yes.

> Based on 2 above, I can spot (debatable though),
> zabbix, nagios, wayland

I think we want atleast zabbix and nagios to stay in main.

Wayland can probably move to community, unless there is something that
depends on it that we want/need keep in main.

Would be great if the feedback would not include any kind of research
from my part (eg wayland is in the dependency chain of what packages?)

> This can also help in creating various isos, like
> 1. alpine-boot (bootable+live+AL preferred net tools/utils)
> media that gets you started with bare alpine install
> (quite same as current alpine-mini)
> 2. alpine-cd (same above + main) - non-desktop
> 2a. alpine-cd2 (anything in main if above 700mb)
> ...
> 3. alpine-dvd (1+2+2a+community)

Lets take that discussion after v3.3. We are unfortunally running out
of time for v3.3 release.
> What if 2+3 had boot options - grsec vanilla ?
> Will this help in not creating the smaller sized vanilla and xen isos ?

to late for this kind of changes now.
> Comments welcome.


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