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Re: linux-lts-dev versions not matching kernel a month ago

From Kevin Daudt to ~alpine/devel

On Mon, Jan 22, 2024 at 9:22 AM Olle Lögdahl <olle.logdahl@umu.se> wrote:
> I'm sure there is a reason, but I find it weird that alpine running kernel 6.6.4 (Alpine Linux 3.19.0) doesn't have a linux-lts-dev
> package for the same kernel. I can only find one for 6.6.12-lts.
> I'm trying to build LKMs inside alpine, and I would like to build them
> for my currently running system. That would require kbuild, which is
> packaged together with linux-lts-dev. I know I could compile it from source, but it takes a bit too long for our setup.
> Thank you in advance,
> Olle Lögdahl

Hello Olle,

Re: Any type of HAL for Alpine? a month ago

From Kevin Daudt to ~alpine/devel

On Wed, Feb 21, 2024 at 11:33 PM Stephen Wiley <swiley@swiley.net> wrote:
> For drivers: Linux's built in hardware probing is already pretty good at this,
> You could build custom kernels for your devices but IME there's not a ton of
> performance to be gained doing that. Maybe if you shrink the kernel down you
> might save a few seconds loading/decompressing it. I suppose if you're *very*
> short on RAM this could be a big deal. You can see which drivers you're
> actually using by booting a generic kernel on your hardware and checking the
> symlinks in sysfs.
> For firmware (which is probably what you were thinking about W.R.T. wireless):
> Alpine's firmware package is pretty large last I checked. If you know what
> hardware you have ahead of time you could build your own pruned version to
> replace it. You can also statically link this into the kernel (although

Re: PKGBUILD conversion script 7 months ago

From Kevin Daudt to ~alpine/devel

On Mon, Aug 28, 2023 at 09:11:19AM +0000, port19 wrote:
> Hi!
> I have noticed large similarities between the PKGBUILD format of arch linux and APKGBUILD in alpine.
> An awk script converting the two formats may prove beneficial in porting packages.
> Of course this has the main limitation of oten differing package names, but that can be disclaimed.
> If this sounds like a good idea I can work on an implementation.
> Kind Regards,
> port19

[toAPK][0] is already an existing tool that does already generate

Re: Maintainers needed 8 months ago

From Kevin Daudt to ~alpine/devel

On Fri, Aug 04, 2023 at 06:34:39PM +0200, Steffen Nurpmeso wrote:
> Natanael Copa wrote in
>  <20230804161420.00010509@ncopa-desktop.lan>:
>  |We have got a lot of orphaned packages recently. I checked a few days
>  ...
>  |community/s-nail
> That is not orphan, i develop and maintain it.

Just to be clear, this is about alpine packages that don't have a
maintainer listed, not about upstream projects.

You dropped maintainership of the package in [0]. If you wish to

Re: IPv6 DNS in docker.io/alpine 10 months ago

From Kevin Daudt to ~alpine/devel

On Fri, Jun 16, 2023 at 12:34 PM caskd <caskd@redxen.eu> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> i've been trying to pin down where the resolv.conf in the docker image is coming from without success. I've been looking into submitting a request to add IPv6 addresses to the default too to allow containers with IPv6 only connectivity to resolve without deriving a image from the base.
> Could you help me pin down where the build scripts/Dockerfile for these are and would adding IPv6 as a fallback cause problems?

docker itself is responsible for the content of /etc/resolv.conf, so
you should fix it in docker.

You need to add the following to /etc/docker/daemon.json, and restart docker:

Re: BTF support in alpine 3.17 11 months ago

From Kevin Daudt to ~alpine/devel

On Thu, May 4, 2023 at 12:41 PM cyber psych <cyberpsych12@gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks Kevin,
> I'm assuming the 3.18 release is due in may?

Yes, if all goes well, the release will be done tomorrow.

Re: BTF support in alpine 3.17 11 months ago

From Kevin Daudt to ~alpine/devel

On Thu, May 04, 2023 at 02:18:02PM +0530, cyber psych wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to compile and run eBPF programs with BTF(CO-RE). Should I
> compile a custom kernel with  CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO_BTF set or is it set in the
> current build and I am missing something?
> In the current build I can't find "/sys/kernel/btf/vmlinux".
> Any help would be appreciated
> Thanks

That setting has been enabled in [d97c07c67c][0] and will be part of

Re: UID for admin user created by setup-alpine 11 months ago

From Kevin Daudt to ~alpine/devel

On Thu, Apr 27, 2023 at 10:10:27PM +0200, Sven Kirmess wrote:
> Is there a way to ensure the admin user created by setup-alpine has a
> specific uid, instead of the default (1000)?
> I think I found the script that setup-alpine uses to create a user, and
> that script doesn't have an option to ask for a UID:
> <
> https://gitlab.alpinelinux.org/alpine/alpine-conf/-/blob/master/setup-user.in
> >
> Is that the correct script? And if yes, is there a reason why this option
> is not present or could that be added?

That's indeed the script that would create an admin user. That specific

Re: [PATCH] testing/scc: new aport 1 year, 26 days ago

From Kevin Daudt to ~alpine/aports

On Sun, Mar 26, 2023 at 03:33:46PM +0000, KAAtheWise wrote:
> A port for the SCC SLOC/CLOC counter.
> ---
>  testing/scc/APKBUILD | 29 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
>  1 file changed, 29 insertions(+)
>  create mode 100644 testing/scc/APKBUILD
> diff --git a/testing/scc/APKBUILD b/testing/scc/APKBUILD
> new file mode 100644
> index 00000000000..a7a313f954c
> --- /dev/null
> +++ b/testing/scc/APKBUILD
> @@ -0,0 +1,29 @@
> +# Contributor: KAA the Wise <KAAtheWise@protonmail.com>

Re: [PATCH] main/acpica: upgrade to 20221020 1 year, 1 month ago

From Kevin Daudt to ~alpine/aports

On Tue, Mar 21, 2023 at 10:43:51AM +0000, ovf wrote:
> ---
>  main/acpica/APKBUILD             | 11 ++++-------
>  main/acpica/disable-werror.patch | 13 -------------
>  2 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 20 deletions(-)
>  delete mode 100644 main/acpica/disable-werror.patch
> diff --git a/main/acpica/APKBUILD b/main/acpica/APKBUILD
> index 31cf390c78a..03499ca477d 100644
> --- a/main/acpica/APKBUILD
> +++ b/main/acpica/APKBUILD
> @@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
>  # Contributor: Roger Pau Monne <roger.pau@entel.upc.edu>
>  # Maintainer: Natanael Copa <ncopa@alpinelinux.org>