PKGBUILD conversion script

port19 a month ago

waiting for the keyboxd to come up

Thomas Leplus 3 months ago


Axel Moinet 6 months ago

Creating an .apk package from local files, without downloading and building sources

Marc Balmer 1 year, 4 months ago 4 4

[PATCH 1/1] libfetch: Allow special characters in http basic auth

Jan Hendrik Farr 1 year, 9 months ago 6 2

Alpine Repository

Jeron Lau 2 years ago 2 2

Building APK in Docker Image

Jeron Lau 2 years ago 1

[PATCH] Use correct port when redirected

Martin Vahlensieck 2 years ago 1

Support for alternative crypto libraries

Paul Spooren 2 years ago 3 2

apk v2.12.0 and v3 update

Timo Teras 2 years ago

Re: New installation issue

Kevin Daudt 3 years ago

Re: New installation issue

Carl Chave 3 years ago

New installation issue

Oliver Brunskill 3 years ago


Nero 3 years ago

Periodic BAD SIGNATURE issue

CJ Ess 3 years ago 2 2

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